Hospital Casemix Protocol (HCP)

The HCP data set is a valuable source of information for the private health industry.

Page last updated: 19 December 2017

The collection includes clinical, demographic and financial information for privately insured admitted patient services. The collection has episodic, benefit and charge data for privately insured admitted patient episodes nationally from 1996/97. The collection is unique and is a valuable tool for services evaluation and research for both industry and Government.

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HCP and PHDB Annual Report

Reporting Requirements

Reporting Requirements for Hospitals/Insurers (PDF 269 KB)
Reporting Requirements for Hospitals/Insurers (Word 19 KB)


There are two types of HCP specifications: One for hospitals to funds and the other for funds to the Commonwealth.

Current Specifications

Hospital Casemix Protocol (HCP)

General Treatment ( GT) Dental

Private Hospital Data Bureau (PHDB)

Related Private Health Insurance Circulars

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