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Closing the Gap - PBS Co-Payment Measure

What it does

The Closing the Gap (CTG) PBS Co-payment Measure reduces or removes the patient co-payment for PBS medicines for eligible Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients living with, or at risk of chronic disease.

Patients access the more affordable PBS medicines by attending a general practice participating in the Practice Incentive Programme (PIP) under the Indigenous Health Incentive (IHI) or a registered non-remote (urban or rural) Indigenous Health Service. Hospitals are excluded from participating in the PBS Co-payment Measure.

What it achieves

The measure aims to reduce the cost of PBS medicines for Indigenous Australians and assist in the prevention and management of chronic disease in the Primary Health Care setting.

Want more info?

Call PBS Co-payment Measure Hotline (02) 6289 2409 between 9am – 5pm EST, Monday to Friday (call charges apply)

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