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Rural Health Outreach Fund (RHOF)

What it does

The Rural Health Outreach Fund (RHOF) is one of the Department of Health’s Flexible Funds and consolidates five programmes, namely:
  • The Medical Specialist Outreach Assistance Programme (MSOAP);
  • MSOAP – Ophthalmology expansion;
  • MSOAP – Maternity services expansion;
  • Rural Women’s GP Service Programme; and
  • National Rural and Remote Health – Kimberley Paediatric Outreach Programme.

The RHOF supports appropriate outreach health activities to address health issues identified in regional, rural and remote locations, including through improved coordination and combination of health activities.

Under the RHOF the following four health priorities are specifically addressed:
  • Maternity and paediatric health;
  • Eye health;
  • Mental health; and
  • Support for chronic disease management.

What it achieves

The objectives of the RHOF are to:
  • provide both public and private outreach health services that address prioritised community needs;
  • broaden the range of health services available in regional, rural and remote locations; and
  • remove the financial disincentives that create barriers to service provision

Outreach health activities that may be supported through the RHOF include:
  • Specialist medical services;
  • Allied health services;
  • Nursing services;
  • Midwifery services;
  • Combinations of eligible services (i.e. multidisciplinary teams);
  • Outreach GP services, including support for female GPs to provide outreach services to broaden the health service choices available to rural women; and
  • Coordination and administration of these services.

Funding is also available for:
  • Cultural awareness and safety training for participating service providers;
  • Upskilling / training;
  • Professional support that is associated with outreach services; and
  • Program administration costs.

Want more info?

Call 1800 020 787 (toll free)
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State and NT RHOF fundholders are:

NSW: NSW Rural Doctors Network
Phone: 02 8337 8100

NT: NT Department of Health
Phone: 08 8999 2518

Queensland: CheckUp Australia
Phone: 07 3105 8300

SA: Rural Doctors Workforce Agency-SA
Phone: 08 8234 8277

Tasmania: Tasmanian Department of Health and Human Services
Phone: 03 6777 2994

Victoria: Rural Workforce Agency Victoria
Phone: 03 9349 7800

WA: Rural Health West
Phone: 08 6389 4500