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mindhealthconnect – Your pathway to a healthy mind

What it does

The mindhealthconnect website is an innovative new site dedicated to providing access to trusted, relevant mental health care services, online programs and resources.

It is a brand new initiative launched in July 2012 as part of the Australian Government’s National E-Mental Health Strategy.

The site is a trusted gateway to issues surrounding mental health care and a first step to finding relevant support and resources to meet individual, carer and health professionals needs.

mindhealthconnect has partnered with leading providers of mental health information, programs and services in Australia to provide high quality, trusted content.

Along with trusted partners, MHC have continued support from leading clinicians and mental health experts who make up the government's e-mental health committee.

mindhealthconnect goals

  • To provide trusted and up to date information and resources specific to your needs
  • To empower and enable you to make informed choices regarding your mental health concerns
  • To provide an accessible and user friendly site that is unbiased towards any one organisation
  • To demonstrate you are not alone with your mental health concerns

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